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I can't afford an attorney
The Train Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to represent you and will work with you to develop a strategy you can afford.  Consistent with the firm's goal of providing Insightful Counseling, the initial consultation fee is set low to give us the opportunity to explore your options.  You may choose to have Ms. Train simply help you fill out your forms, assist you with negotiations, or you may choose to employ the full scale of her services to master complex litigation.  

However, Ms. Train understands that sometimes hiring an attorney just isn't an option, financially.  She also understands how frightening it can be to have a legal issue but no money to hire an attorney.

HELP IS AVAILABLE: If you live in, or around, Santa Fe it is likely (but not always the case) that you will be filing your paperwork in the First Judicial District, which has a courthouse in Santa Fe.  

Fortunately, the court has many resources for individuals seeking to represent themselves (the legal term for this is proceeding pro se).  You can find a wealth of information at the First Judicial District Court's "If You Don't Have a Lawyer" page.  

FORMS: Many of the forms you will need to represent yourself are also available online at the First Judicial District Court's website, here.

FACE-TO-FACE ASSISTANCE: Another great thing to do is to visit the Self-Help window at the courthouse.  The courthouse is located in downtown Santa Fe at 100 Catron Street.  The Self-Help window is on the first level of the courthouse.  Although they cannot give legal advice at the Self-Help window, they will be able to guide you to the appropriate forms and procedures that you may require.  You can also call the Self-Help center at 505-476-0177.

FREE MONTHLY CLINIC: Also incredibly helpful is the FREE Family Law Clinic put on once per month with an experienced family law attorney present and ready to answer your questions.  The Clinic is at the Santa Fe Community College and is usually held the 4th Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. If you attend this clinic you will also be given, FREE of charge, a voucher to meet individually with a local attorney for half-an-hour to discuss your family law issues.  To get more information about this clinic and to confirm dates and times, contact the Self Help Center at 505-476-0177.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: If you or someone you care about is the victim of domestic violence it is important that you reach out for support. The Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families in Santa Fe can help a lot, including giving guidance on legal issues you may be facing.  Also, at the courthouse in Santa Fe, ask for assistance at the Self-Help desk and they can guide you to the appropriate paperwork that needs to be filled out to seek protection.  Most days a representative from Esperanza Shelter is also available at the court to provide support and assist in filling out paperwork.

CHILD SUPPORT COLLECTION: The New Mexico Child Support Enforcement Division is an entity established to help collect child support from non-custodial parents.  The fees the Child Support Enforcement Division charges are relatively low and, in some cases, financially qualified individuals may be entitled to free assistance.  More information about this division can be found here.


Above, are just some of the resources that may be available to you.  Of course, nothing can substitute for the counsel of a good lawyer; however, you don't have to feel completely lost if you cannot afford an attorney right now.

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